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Our role

Digital Strategy Partner

Cunard is the world’s number one luxury cruise brand with incomparable heritage and an unrivaled on-board experience. But with competition rising and cruise shopping increasingly moving online, Cunard needed to evolve – while not losing sight of what makes it special.

The brand is known for its attentiveness, tradition and sophistication. Cunard’s illustrious, iconic liners have provided 175 years of luxury: from the very first greeting to final disembarkment, every moment is considered and impeccably managed.

Digital objectives

  • Increase sales through e-commerce, reducing  reliance on 3rd party retailers
  • Design a digital experience that mirrors the on-board care and attention
  • Communicate modernity alongside Cunard’s traditional heritage


A refined booking journey

To redesign the digital Cunard experience we first needed to understand it. In-depth interviews with customers, stakeholders, call centres and the ship’s crew enabled us to create the Cunard customer experience map.

The SYZYGY London team then refined each moment of the digital experience to support an optimum journey, from route planning to browsing the cabins and restaurants, to booking. Navigation and information architecture were fully tested and restructured throughout. The homepage and individual ship pages were redesigned and totally reconfigured around the customer.

New sections like ‘Life on-board’ were also created as a direct response to the research. Every change was A/B tested and measured to ensure we were improving the customer’s ability to find, price up options and book the perfect cruise.

Modern luxury

Cunard may have an unmatched heritage, but it’s not a stuffy brand. With the platform, we could harness storytelling and technology to emphasize this marriage of tradition and modernity.

The £30m dry-dock refit of the legendary Queen Mary 2 provided an opportunity to unearth some of the unique stories that make Cunard different; like the incredible detail that goes into the remastering, such as the placing of 300,000 new art deco tiles.

Customers could check on the refit’s progress through a set of live cameras, while VR films were used to tour the ship, showcase the cabins, and immerse you in its luxurious opulence.

This, along with a content refresh across the entire platform, including the pages for the high-end ‘Grills’ berths, gave the site a much richer, more luxurious presence.


Despite a cruise being a high-end purchase, Cunard’s redesigned platform delivered circa 10% of global sales, contributing significantly to two consecutive record-breaking sales years and helping retain the brand’s position as the luxury cruise market leader.

Organic/direct combined sales conversion for QM2 bookings (YOY)
Active Usage on site for QM2 bookings (YOY)
global sales attributed to redesigned platform (approx)

Services we provided:

  • Market & competitor benchmarking
  • Customer journey intelligence & mapping
  • Measurement & effectiveness frameworks
  • Communication and channel strategy
  • Content auditing
  • Content strategy
  • Commerce go-to-market strategy
  • Digital product UX and design
  • Rapid prototyping & testing
  • Content production
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