Stop whinging about broken agency models

13. August 2021

Matt Brown, SYZYGY’s Commercial Director, UK and MD, US, explains how ‘hybrid partnerships’ are the answer to broken agency models.

“The broken agency model is one of the most hackneyed industry topics, but we’re still talking about it. Why? Because no matter how much people talk, changes still aren’t working.

They’re not working for clients, who have taken increasingly to in-housing tasks as a result. That means things aren’t working for agencies either, seeing their client bases slipping away. Neither end of the spectrum – inhouse or ‘old’ agency has worked. It’s time for a new hybrid approach.

A hybrid client relationship removes any walls between client and agency. Our “hybrid” within SYZYGY means the agency fulfils many of the roles traditionally housed on the brand side. These functions become embedded into client operations, while collaborating with additional agency colleagues to bring fresh thinking into the role. This adaptability is harder to achieve with a fixed set of full-time ‘dedicated team’ employees.”

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A hybrid partnership can bring about an organic collaboration between an agency and their client

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