Ita Murphy talks about the importance of trusting your team in

22. June 2021

SYZYGY UK CEO, Ita Murphy, has written an article discussing what it takes to lead a thriving company – the key is to act as a catalyst, not a controller.

“Modern leaders know when to get out of the way of their teams. They recognise that good leadership often acts to serve the staff, rather than the other way around. Listening, coaching, mentoring, and collaboration have become central to the modern, progressive CEO position, and have rarely been more important to driving business resilience.

“With the massive changes over the past year and a half, CEOs need to lead the way with workplace culture – they are not just the figureheads of the company. Employees are seeking more flexible, creative roles where they are free to innovate rather than restricted to the narrow confines of a defined role. To deal with these developments, the CEO’s role to provide the workforce with the best possible environment in which to flourish. Focusing on an individual’s outputs, rather than when or where they work, is required if we are to get the best from people and provide a place where talented individuals want to stay for the long term.”

You can read the full article here.



Ita Murphy, CEO, SYZYGY UK: “Maintaining a culture where people are empowered to be adaptable and which offers room for them to develop is key.”

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